The Southbridge Business Partnership (SBP) is proud to announce its recognition of the businesses and private citizens of Southbridge, who take great pride in their community through the renovation and beautification of their properties. 

Featured Best-Dressed business pictured below is:
Maqui’s Function Hall - 61 Chestnut St | Southbridge, MA | 508-765-7700

Built in 1885, the beautiful Victorian home was originally owned by Alpha M. Cheney. Mr. Cheney was a prominent religious and business leader in Southbridge. Serving as a deacon of the Baptist Church, Mr. Cheney also used the house as a poor farm to help needy residents in the community. Thus the beautiful home was named the Alpha M. Cheney House.

The Alpha M. Cheney & Carriage House is significant for its association with the town’s late 19th century real estate development and its stylish Queen Anne design.  As the Massachusetts Historical Commission records indicate, the house meets National Register Criteria A and C at the local level and retains integrity of setting, location, materials, workmanship, design, and feeling.

The projecting porch belvedere,  one story bay windows, cross gables and peak-roofed tower give the house a picturesque silhouette, a quality which was very much admired throughout the mid to late 19th century. The Cheney House is one of the few intact high style examples of Victorian Gothic or Stick Style houses in Southbridge.


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