Sturbridge Coffee Roasters

210 Hamilton Street, Southbridge (508) 765-5520
185 West Main Street, Dudley (508) 461-9077

Your local, fresh roasted coffee shop

At Sturbridge Coffee Roasters, our fresh roasted beans assure the freshest brewed coffee. We fresh roast our coffee beans weekly at our roasting facility in the Crane Street building, and sell our locally, fresh roasted coffee via our shops located at 210 Hamilton Street in Southbridge and our second location which recently opened in neighboring Dudley.

In addition to our fresh roasted coffee that we sell by the cup or pound, we offer espresso drinks, teas, frappes, hot chocolate, light breakfasts and lunches, as well as gift baskets, fundraising opportunities and wholesale business.

Sturbridge Coffee Roasters opened in 2004 in Sturbridge in a small space where beans were roasted and coffee drinks were served to locals and tourists. We quickly discovered that our customers also wanted a place to relax with their coffee, which led to the relocation 5 miles down the road to our present location in Southbridge. Here, we are able to provide not only those same exceptional freshly roasted beans, but also additional seating and light lunches. In August 2014, the business was sold to the current owner, roaster and coffee lover, Elvis Dyer. We continue to expand our bean offerings to provide opportunities for coffee lovers to experience new flavor profiles and beans from around the world.

“Roasting beans is an art and science. I use my own temperatures, measurements and methodologies,” said Elvis Dyer, owner and roaster. The goal in coffee roasting is to enhance the qualities of the green coffee beans and to develop them to their fullest potential. “Each bean has its own unique flavor profile and I look to enhance that flavor profile during the roasting process, he said.”

“And it’s not just about building business. It’s about building a community,” said Elvis. As passionate as he is about roasting, he’s equally passionate about the communities in which he does business. “It’s the support of our local community members that has allowed us to survive, grow and thrive in challenging economic times,” he said. Sturbridge Coffee Roasters recognizes the importance of being in the community and each month, donates a percentage of their net profits to local charities – spanning arts, music, housing, education, sports and healthcare.