Southbridge Business Partnership event January 18, 2017
Optical Heritage Museum

On January 18, 2017 the Southbridge Business Partnership (SBP) held a "New Partner Welcome/Networking Event" hosted by Dick Whitney of the Heritage Optical Museum at 12 Crane St..  Approximately 40 attendees were greeted by Steering Committee  Chairman Tom Cue of Casella Waste Resources as they enjoyed food and drink.  The Chairman then introduced Vice-Chairman Pete Cournoyer of Big Bunny Market who listed the four committees that have been established and that are in need of members to activate.  Pete also spoke about SBP's website and the use of it as a business resource for SBP Partners and about the upcoming election of officers.  This was followed by a presentation on the benefits of joining SBP by Rosemary Scrivens, the Town of Southbridge Economic Development Director.

Following the information session, attendees were invited to tour the Heritage Optical Museum where many artifacts of the optical industry are professionally displayed.

The SBP is a volunteer group committed to supporting and enhancing economic opportunities in the Town of Southbridge. This kickoff meeting at Cohasse Country Club introduces the benefits of becoming a partner in this dynamic new initiative. Organized By: Southbridge Business Partnership Camera & Editing: Bill May for SCTV